Our Story

I started my business to provide affordable full service tradeshow and internet marketing support to small and micro-size business. Our flat fee pricing  and  education  based development process grabbed the market at a time when such a service was desperately needed.  Economic challenges forced businesses working with very limited budgets to fed for themselves.  Having built nearly 800 small business websites in the last
fives year means we are doing it right.

Outside of work I love to read, spend quiet time with my wife of 24 years, play with my golden retriever (Brandi) and watch movies.

This past year my wife and I started a non-profit organization called Business Incubator for Kid Entrepreneurs (B.I.K.E.).  In short the organization is a business school for high school kids.  We spend 12 weeks educating kids how to create a business action plan.  At the conclusion of the 12 week class work, the students have a business plan they present to our program sponsors for start-up funding to run their business as a summer job.

The BIKE program was born from my passion for teaching and pig headed stubbornness to try and change the world.  As a former community college professor I knew I could teach.  With the experience of helping so many small business people grow their business using my consultive base web development process, I felt I could make a difference in the teen unemployment rate.  Or at least that is the goal!  We'll start teaching class very soon!

I am an Army Veteran, having served as a Military Musician in the 3rd Armored Division Band stationed in Frankfurt Germany.  After the army I earned my first degree in Computer Science.  With my computer science degree in hand I did what any college graduate would do, I went to work as a facilities engineering tech where I earned my Life Safety Engineering Certification (OJT) with Texas Instruments in Santa Cruz, California.

After the dotcom bubble burst, I returned to college and secured my business management degree with a minor in Economics and then moved to Portland to seek greener pastures--or at the very least fields that experienced four seasons!

In 2007 I set about creating Zenith Exhibits, incorporating in January of 2008.

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